Trinity Center Services

Counseling and Psychological Services

We serve a diverse client population including adults, adolescents, and children. A distinction of counseling at Trinity Center is that it is not based solely on a medical model where the client is viewed as sick or having a problem to be solved. We believe that there is a relationship between the mind, body, and soul. Our counseling approach addresses all three areas. 


If a client desires spirituality and faith to be part of their sessions, our counselors incorporate these aspects of personal growth. Other clients will opt to leave out spiritual issues and work in a more traditional therapeutic model. Our counselors respect the individual's decision on how to approach their sessions. The extensive experience and expertise of our clinicians allows us to offer counseling on a variety of issues. These issues include but are not limited to: 


 • Depression    • Anxiety    • Eating disorders    • Relationship Issues   

 • Family issues    • Personal growth    • Abuse/trauma recovery    

• Grief and loss   • School/ work issues  

• Life transitions    



Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is a path to awareness of how we make meaning in our lives. How do our choices and the influences that shape them, conscious and unconscious, define our personhood and our ultimate concern in life? The goal of this lifelong journey is to realize the fullness of what it means to be human, in light of our relationship to the Divine. Spiritual direction provides individualized guidance on this vital pilgrimage of awakening.